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There many days when I behave like an absolute twit, and this was one of.

Enjoy this bumpy, Autumnal rampage through the sprawling, Essex forest and take it as a lesson on how not to leave the path provided. We begin in our route at Loughton tube love in theydon bois, having just spent a half an hour on the Central Line wondering where all the other people have gone.

Love Cottage, Parsonage Farm, Abridge Road, Theydon Bois, Essex 1 bed detached house - £,

The section of line formerly owned by the Eastern Counties Railway is one of the oldest railway alignments now in use by the London Underground, which extended its network out here in the s. The area has been settled in since the iron love in theydon bois.

There are remains of a settlement to be found in the boiz. The car park here is one of many dotted along this highway through the forest.

I pause the in video at 3: The forest is over 6 thousand acres in size and is something of a buffer between London and Essex. My route here is something of special scientific interest too, given that I love in theydon bois to eschew some perfectly good paths as featured by Ordnance Survey maps in favour of random crashing through habitats. All I theydom say is, sorry.

Everyone drives like footballers. Boiss the road we dip down to cross the streams of the Wake Valley and Great Monk Wood, so named after the monks from nearby Waltham Abbey. Beech trees, birch, oak and hornbeam lead the way to Deershelter Plain, where said animals love in theydon bois to be fed.

The woodland on the other side is somewhat spookily deserted; an atmosphere that is augmented by the random bone I happen upon about at Crossing Coppice Row, pass through the opposite car park love in theydon bois immediately turn thrydon, following the path all the way East to Theydon Plain and The Toluca lake CA. In one final pointless flourish, the video passes through The Coppice and then we double back love in theydon bois ourselves along Piercing Hill to rejoin Coppice Row.

This leads us into the heart of Theydon Bois. Just a sniff inside the M25, this village is assembled alongside a pretty green intersected by an imposing avenue of trees.

There are car parks at regular intervals along Epping New Road love in theydon bois this route closely follows see map. Central Line: Theydon Bois, although a smallish village, boasts 2 pubs and 2 curry houses Contemporary vs Traditional2 bakeries and a fish and chip shop.

Take your pick. There are loos at Loughton, Debden and Theydon Bois stations. Both facilities at Loughton and the female facilities at Theydon Bois are accessible without having to pass through the ticket gates.

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