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Adolf The monument guys, monumfnt frustrated painter who found other outlets for his creative anger, was the most prolific art collector since Napoleon. He acquired his stash of sculptures, paintings and monuments the the monument guys gay dick sucked Napoleon did: Some of the loot particularly from antiquity he intended to put on display in a museum in his hometown of Linz, Austria; some including modern, especially by Jews he planned to burn, like his least favorite books.

Toward the end of Wo r ld War IIwhen the thousand-year reign of the Third Reich looked to be ending about years early, the German high command issued the Nero Decree: Thanks to the MFAA heroes, many thousands of artworks were saved, the monument guys many of those were restored to their rightful owners or their surviving kin. In writing the lightly fictionalized script with Grant Heslov, and directing himself and a starry cast, Clooney kept monunent tone low-key and, the monument guys, anecdotal.

Both films dance the tightrope of culture and carnage.

The Monuments Men has its share of startling moments — a visit to the dentist that leads to an Monumentt cache, and the revelation of mountains of German gold, appallingly appropriated from the teeth of exterminated Jews — plus a land-mine the monument guys for Damon.

But rather than juicing each element to blockbuster volume, Clooney the monument guys delivered it in the tone of a memorial lecture, warm and ambling, given by one of the distinguished academics he put in his movie.

Unused to physical daring, they found surprising resources of grit, stamina gay people meet ingenuity. They risked their lives to save a culture that preceded them by centuries and, because of their devotion, will outlast them by centuries.

They deserved their the monument guys movie monument, which Clooney has generously and artfully given.

Contact us at editors time. Their ranks ranged from museum directors to architects — and they would ultimately help the monument guys more than five million artistic and cultural items plundered by the Nazis.

By Richard Corliss February 6, Related Stories.